NO CHARGEEstimates

Got a question?
We will gladly speak with you upfront at no charge.

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Postal RepairService

Send us your phone, tablet, iPod, and we'll fix it and get it back to you.

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No Fee PolicyNo Fix

If we can't fix your device we will not charge you. No FIX = No FEE!*

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Servicing & maintenance

If you have a question or concern about your computer, or device, don't hesitate to call The Computer Doctor. We are always available to help our valued customers and never charge a fee for estimates. In most cases, if we can't fix your device, we don't charge you a fee. We are here for our customers and try to pick up the phone everytime it rings, but if we can't we always call our customers back. Like we always say, "Who needs a Geek Squad when you can have a friend?"

Our relationship with our customers goes beyond just fixing your device and taking your money! Before we let you have your device back we explain one-on-one what caused it, how to keep it from happening, and we do it in laymens terms. With our 14 day satisfaction guarantee you can't go wrong.

We may not always have the cheapest price when it comes to servicing your devices. There is always going to be someone down the road offering the world to win you over. However, with our LOW PRICE SERVICE GUARANTEE we will never be outbid for your services. The guy down the road might offer his services at a cheaper rate, but at what cost are you getting that cheaper rate?

Ask yourself some of these questions before picking a service center or onsite technician:

  • Is your personal or financial information safe?
  • Does he have insurrance?
  • Is he really certified to work on my device?
  • Am I getting substandard service for this being so cheap?
  • Is he a real legal business or is he operating illegally?
  • Don't forget we provide flat rate billing for services and only in the extreme rare instance do we charge hourly labor rates. Most other shops in town charge you a bench fee, even if they don't fix your device, and then hourly labor rates on top of that. There will never be hidden fees at The Computer Doctor! We will always call you and notify you before proceeding with any repair.

    * There are limitations and restrictions to this policy. Please contact us at for more details.