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Custom Computers at Extreme PC - The Computer DoctorOver the years the enthusiast PC niche that we built for ourselves has become a full-blown industry. With other custom PC shops as well as big name, assembly line computer makers trying to enter our market, we realize that today's computer buyer has a wide selection of companies to choose from. So, why choose The Computer Doctor's Extreme PC brand?  Here's the executive summary:

Over 15 Years of Experience - No other company in Southern Illinois has been making enthusiast PCs as long as The Computer Doctor. We have had a long time to get very good at what we do.

Quality - No other PC maker has such a consistent history of quality products. Want proof? Check out our reviews, and customer feedback.

Focus - We make PCs for people who care about their system and how it is supported. We don't pretend to make the cheapest office PC or rackmount servers. We don't make printer ink or cell phones.  We focus strictly on desktop and laptop PCs.  We're the best at what we do because it's all we do.

Unique designs, Customized - Very few PC makers design their own computer cases - the critical framework and look of your system.  Designing and manufacturing cases is a very expensive process that many companies have just abandoned in favor of off-the-shelf enclosures. Although we still offer this particular avenue for serving our customers who want the added value or quicker turn around on delivery. The few that do still make their own designs are mainly the behemoth corporations who mass produce the cheapest sheet-metal and plastic cases that can be cranked out on an assembly line.  Extreme is different.   Our case designs are the pride of the company, precisely engineered and constantly refined.  And each system's form follows its function, not a pricing goal.  But the case is just the starting point for building your dream.  No other PC maker offers the vast array of hardware and aesthetic options to make your PC truly your own.  We can make your Extreme look like no other PC in the world.

Our Commitment – A quick read through our customer feedback will reveal a common theme: when you buy a PC, you’re not just buying hardware, you’re also buying the company.  The people that make up that company, their knowledge and passion for what they do, make all the difference in the products and service you receive. You're not just a number when you do business with us.

Extreme PC 3 year warrany - The Computer Doctor

3-Year Warranty: Standard

Over a 4-year period, Consumer Reports found that roughly 1 in 5 desktop PCs required repairs. Such repairs can cost the end-user hundreds of dollars as most manufacturers only offer 1-year coverage by default. Fortunately, all Extreme PC custom computers are sold with a 3-Year Warranty (restrictions may apply on certain hardware), at no extra charge.


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