Data Recovery

Have you lost your data and don't know what to do because you don't have a backup? If you had important data that needs to be recovered quickly, take advantage of our Data Recovery service. The Computer Doctor will get your data back and, in the process, give you peace of mind.

This service is not for physically damaged drives. However, we are more than willing to assist you in determining whether or not your drive is physically damaged in any way.

It is very important that you leave the affected drive turned off. In the event that you've deleted important files, any unnecessary hard drive activity could make data recovery impossible. Likewise, if you can no longer access your drive at all, it is recommended that it be left off in order to prevent potential physical damage. If you do not know how to unplug an affected internal drive, simply leave the entire computer turned off instead. Please contact us and we will discuss your data recovery options.

We also offer outsourcing for this if we are not able to recover files from a physically damaged drive. This type of extraction requires tools that are tens of thousands of dollars and really should be left to the experts who do this kind of work everyday. Our partners work for the government, corporations, and are fairly reasonable in price. Give us a call today if you have something so valuable you can't afford to lose it and we will make every possible effort to give you a solution.

Must provide or purchase a backup storage device with equal or greater free space than the capacity of the affected drive. Price does not include cost of storage device.

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