Operating System Installation (Windows or OS X)

Whether you want to upgrade from an older operating system or if you need a fresh installation, setting up an operating system can be a daunting task. We'll get it set up for you in a timely fashion along with all the basic software you need to run your PC. We'll even ensure that none of your important files are lost by supplying you with a complete backup of your hard drive, provided you have the necessary free space.

  • - Test Hardware for Stability
  • - Backup All Files and Folders Before a Fresh Install
  • - Install/Upgrade the Operating System of Your Choice
  • - Install Drivers
  • - Install Operating System Updates
  • - No Bloatware (unnecessary software) Installed

  • Deal: Virus & Spyware Removal for only $39.99 when purchasing a fresh install
  • Deal: Install Additional Software for $5 per Software Package

Price does not include cost of operating system license.